QuarterMaster Trading Product Range

Product Range

QuarterMaster Trading offers a wide range of products that will satisfy your specific needs and requirements

QuarterMaster Trading South Africa proudly represents some of the biggest and most well-known global brands on the market.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality products so that you can rest assured that any QuarterMaster Trading products you purchase will satisfy your requirements and deliver on our quality guarantee.



QuarterMaster Trading South Africa proudly represents some of the biggest global chicken brands on the market. We offer a wide variety of chicken cuts that include, but are not limited to:

  • Whole Birds
  • Chicken Leg Quarters
  • Drumsticks
  • Off the bone cuts
  • MDM
  • Chicken Backs

All our chicken is delivered frozen in variety of package options to satisfy your storage needs. Our freshness Guarantee ensures that all our products are delivered with ample shelf life time so you do not need to worry about early expiry dates.

Dry Goods

QMTSA stocks and delivers all the famous house hold brands that a large tier wholesaler or even the aspiring chef at home may need. This includes flour, a wide variety of oils, cereals, tinned foods and speciality products.

Should you need a detailed product list, please email us at sales@qmtsa.com

The list below shows the dry goods on offer:

  • Tinned Goods
  • Sugar- Brown & White
  • Rice – Long, medium, favoured and broken
  • Flour (Cake Flour, Rye Flour, Whole Wheat Flour)
  • Oils (Olive oils, Cooking Oils, Palm Oil, Cotton Oil)

We have searched the seven oceans to ensure we have a broad and competitive pricing point for our seafood. Our global procurement focus ensures we are always in stock and have negotiated directly with quota owners. We offer the following frozen products:

  • Horse Mackerel 16+ – 20+
  • Red Fish
  • John Dory
  • Sardines
  • Hake
  • Speciality Fish
Red Meat

The beef, lamb and pork market is becoming an increasingly more competitive market to procure and source. QMTSA, and its dedicated procurement partners, have secured a sustainable quota across a number of suppliers for the following products:

  • Primary Cuts (Beef, Lamb, Pork)
  • Secondary Cuts (Beef, Lamb, Pork)
  • Offcuts & Offal (Beef, Lamb, Pork)
Stock Feed

QuarterMaster Trading is a leading supplier of animal feeds to a number of African countries. We supply a variety of specialised feeds to the Poultry / Agricultural sector. We supply a full range of products with the additional support of our supplier nutritionists.

We are proud to have developed our own farmer education programme for subsistence farming and the starter commercial chicken farmer.

Our success is driven by supplying a superior product and the consistency of our supply.

The following chicken products are available:

Chicken Broiler (Pellets & Mash)

  • Starter
  • Grower
  • Finisher

Chicken Layer

  • Pullet
  • Grower
  • Developer
  • Layer

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